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BT Services

If you are looking for BT Services, then this article is perfectly for you. Here you can get to know all about the BT services and their packages. If you are frustrated from your current service provider and want to switch to BT, then this article will definitely help you. Now coming to the services of BT, the company offers the following services to the people of UK:

  • BT Broadband
  • BT Broadband+Tv
  • BT Phone
  • BT Mobile

Although you will get to know all about the packages and services of BT on this page. But if you have some questions in your mind or want to speak to an expert, then feel free to call on the BT contact number.

BT Broadband

BT Broadband

Now light and fast broadband speed up to 52mbps which is the fastest fibre internet speed. Packages of BT Broadband are mentioned below:

  • BT Unlimited Broadband: In this package you will get the standard speed up to 17mbps with unlimited monthly usage plus BT Sport absolutely free. The charges if this package is £13/month.
  • BT Unlimited Infinity 1: Enjoy the standard speeds up to 52 mbps and 100GB of cloud storage at a price of £20/month.
  • BT Unlimited Infinity 2: You will get 76mbs of broadband speed with 500GB cloud storage. This package is available for £30/month.

All these packages are available for one year contract.

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BT Phone

BT Phone

Checkout the BT phone packages given below:

  • BT Anytime Calls: This package includes calls to all the UK landline phones. If you are calling on mobile phones, you will be charged 7.5p/minute and you can call freely anytime on the phone numbers 0845 and 0870. Price of this package is £8.50/month.
  • BT Unlimited Evening & Weekend Calls: With this package you can make calls at the rate of 1.5p/minute. You can call unlimited on both weekends and evenings on the phone numbers 0845 and 0870. This package is available at £3.50/month.
  • BT Weekend Calls: Make calls to mobiles at the rate of 1.5p/minute. The calls can be made unlimited on the number 0845 and 0870 during weekends. Get this package at £0/month.

BT Mobile

BT Mobile

With BT mobile packages, make calls at 35p/minute to any of the UK fixed line numbers starting from 01, 02 and 03. For internet, you will be charged at 10p/MB and the text messages can be sent at 12p/message. Access to unlimited voicemail messages. If you are in the roaming area, then you will be charged as per 30 seconds.

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Your TV packages will use your BT broadband services to deliver the programmes on your TV. For that you will require Fibre broadband to get some of TV packages.

Choose your favourite TV package from the various packages mentioned below:

  • BT TV Starter: Get this package for £0/month and enjoy up to 80 channels and 20 premium channels for £3/month.
  • BT Entertainment Plus: This package is available for £12/month and comes up with a 12 month contract period. This package includes 108 channels and you can record your favourite shows up to 300 hours on BT YouView+box.
  • BT Total Entertainment: You can get this package at £16/month that includes 130 channels with 12 HD channels. You can record upto 600 hours of your favourite movies or programmes that too in HD quality.

Get The Full Range of Sky Services


If you are looking for any bundled services for your home and that too at a cheaper price, then you need to go through this article. This article provides you in depth knowledge about Sky services which has been a major player in the telecom industry of the United Kingdom. Keeping both the residential as well as business customers in mind, Sky always tries to come up with better and latest services. One can also get in touch with the Sky customer services team to know more about Sky or want to get his or her query solved.

Since its foundation in the year 1990, Sky has gone from strength to strength. The Sky’s main priority it to offer latest technological products along with one of the best customer services in the region. Besides other areas, Sky invests a huge amount of money on these two parameters that is important for its business to run for a longer time.

Services Offered By Sky

If you are curious to know what services offered by Sky, then kindly read the information provided in this article.

Sky Tv


If you love entertainment, news, movies and sports, then this service is best for you. You can enjoy your favourite movies on 11 HD Sky Movie channels or watch the country’s’ famous Football Premier League on the 7 Sky Sports channels. Sky has something for everyone that is why it is known as the leader in the telecom industry.

Sky Broadband


By opting Sky broadband services, you can browse the light & fast internet speed. Sky has opted the latest technology for its broadband known as Sky Fibre broadband. In this the connectivity signals are transmitted through fibre optics cable. This provides better connectivity and speed than the conventional copper cables.

Sky Talk


This service is mostly opted by the household customers who love talking to their family and friends. The Sky Talk offers variety of deals including Sky talk Evenings and Weekends Extra benefits.

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You can get all these services as a bundled deal or as a standalone service. Mostly the Sky equipments come up with the manuals but if you are facing problem while installing any of these services, then you can take help from the Sky team.